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Englisch BMW M3 E46 + M5 E39 ECU Tuning Software
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Hey, do you want to shoot flames out of your E46 or E39? This Tuning Software gives you the opportunity to tune your car to your likings. Shoot flames, add shift Lights on Manual Cars, Speed Limit Removal and even more!

Disclaimer : I'm not responsible for what happens with your car after using that.

Features :
– 155MPH Limiter removal
– SMG Style Shift lights on 6 Speed Manual cars (E46 Only)
– Sport button memory (remembers last setting after shutting off the vehicle).
– Dyno limit removal
– Rev limiter adjustment
– CSL SMG Shift / Rev matching + Inertia fix (E46 Only)
– Disable secondary air pump from running on cold start
– Enable burble and pop on over run / lift off (Childish but some love it)
– Disable fault code / check engine light for physical removal of the secondary air pump
– Disable fault codes / check engine light for cat deletes
– Disable fault codes for rear O2 removal
– EWS delete
– Comfort throttle map adjustment
– Sport throttle map adjustment
– Warm up light changes
– Transmission Swap (Manual to SMG and visa versa)
– SMG Final Drive Swap
– CSL Intake Flap Delete
– Cruise control enable (CSL / CSL Clone only)
– IAT Temp Sensor swap/re-scale
– MAP Sensor Swap/re-scale
– E39 M5 Servotronic Adjustment (Sport and Comfort)
– AlphaN enable/MAF Delete (E46 only)
– Disable cat protection (disables enrichment under high EGTs)
– Disable EGT Monitoring
– CSL Intake Flap opening control (CSL / CSL Clone only)
– Checksum correction

- Faster Acceleration when tuned correctly
- Shoot flames when decelerating
- 2 Step launch control
The software requires the .NET 4.0 framework, which can be downloaded from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download...x?id=17851

Download : https://www.ecuworx.co.uk/downloads/

Have fun! Smile

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