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Tutorial Custom Windows Design (Latest: 1903)
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Before you follow these Steps, be sure to make a backup of your windows. (just in case if you break something). As always use and download at your own risk! I am not legally responsible for any kind of damage.

[Image: 363b14-1566136591.png]
Download these files:

Here is the zip. (Included Versions: Windows 10 1703,1709,1803, 1809 & 1903):
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  • Ultra UX Themepatcher (latest Version): download 
  1. Run the installer 
  2. Click on next and read the agreement 
  3. Click on I accept > Next > I agree 
  4. Click on Install Next > Next > Finish

  • ARC Windows 10 Themes download:  download
  1. Unzip the files
  2. Copy the files in this folder: C:\Windows\Resources\Themes 
  3. Launch the Design Settings from Windows 10
  4. Select your theme and make the colors DARK if you use a dark theme!

  1. If you downloaded the zip from above you dont need to do step 2!
  2. Unzip the Icon packs and rename the .ee to .exe files!
  3. Run the Regular exe and click next
  4. Leave it on patch all files > next
  5. Click on Yes (Create a restore point)
  6. Do not shutdown your PC while Installing!
  7. Click finish.
optional Steps
  • Rainmeter: here
  • Themes for Rainemeter:
  1. simple_epoca__by_hiphopium-dbzdwio
  2. titillium__by_hiphopium-dc3gtns
  3. translucenttaskbar_1_2_by_arkenthera-dausz1z
  4. waveline_1_by_eldog_02-dbim80f
  5. titillium__by_hiphopium-dc3gtns

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